The Foundation

Founded in the fall of 2014, the Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health (CFVH) is a not-for-profit corporation. The CFVH obtained its charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency in 2017, CFVH registration number: 82839 5780 RR0001 (Can.), with the goal of supporting patients likely to develop or who have already developed peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

The purpose of this approach is to establish and make available to affected patients a specific vascular rehabilitation program for PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE, with the help of generous donors. Information on this treatment protocol will be available at all doctors’ offices and rehabilitation and fitness centers. This program will be offered to communities of patients who show risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, smoking, metabolic syndrome, etc.) and who have known peripheral vascular disease mainly in regions of Canada outside major university centers. This patient population represents about 40% of the recorded patients.