Terms and Conditions of Access and Use for the CFVH Website


N.B. In this text, the masculine is used to refer to both male and female and has only been used for conciseness and simplicity.



CFVH brings you a website on vascular health with warning signs of certain vascular diseases. It is linked with several partner associations which, like CFVH, are committed to the vascular wellbeing of the Canadian public. CFVH organizes and participates in activities related to the prevention and control of vascular disease risk factors. It manages its resources and productions from the donations it receives from various sources.

Please read these Terms and Conditions for Access and Use of the Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health (CFVH) website carefully before continuing to navigate on this site. All access and use constitute the User’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in effect. In addition, you expressly consent that the CFVH, which may be called the Operator in the following text, controls and monitors access to this site. If you do not agree, please do not use this website. CFVH may modify the content of the Terms and Conditions of Access and Use, without notice. You are responsible for reviewing them regularly in order to be properly informed.



You release CFVH, its directors, managers, content providers and other collaborators from all liability and for any conviction involving capital, interest, judicial and extrajudicial costs and any other damages such as reasonable legal fees in connection with any CFVH claim, proceeding or formal demand in relation to noncompliance on the part of the User with these Terms and Conditions of Access and Use.


Medical and psychological disclaimer

This website has been designed to provide information or links to patients, the general public, healthcare and rehabilitation professionals, and potentially to researchers. CFVH does not offer any online consultations or personal professional services from this site. It assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the use of the information presented or any consequences which might arise. In all cases of doubt about their health, Users are encouraged to speak to healthcare or rehabilitation professionals.


Exemption from technical and technological liability

Under no circumstances can CFVH guarantee that this website is fully functional and that no virus or other contaminating or destructive elements will be transmitted and that no damage will be caused to your computer system. It is your responsibility to equip yourself with the necessary hardware  and software, and take the precautions required with the help of your IT expert in order to avoid any problems. CFVH prepares statistics based on website use and navigation. The data is not used for any commercial purposes. The goal is to improve ergonomics and make it easier to use. 


External links and details about information

CFVH manages this site for personal use, not for commercial purposes. CFVH cannot guarantee that all information published is up to date, error-free and complete. By using this website, you acknowledge that the opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher, CFVH. You further recognize that any advertised products and services referred to on the CFVH website are neither approved nor recommended by CFVH, unless they are expressly recommended. Under no circumstances can CFVH be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, special or punitive damages arising from the use of the website or damages related to the use of products and services mentioned on the site. CFVH provides its users with links to external sites for information purposes. CFVH is not responsible for information provided by those links and does not endorse any content from those sites. CFVH also requires written permission from a User for linking the CFVH website to other existing sites.


Copyright and reproduction rights

All material appearing on the CFVH website belongs to CFVH unless there is a notice that permission has been obtained from a third party for distribution purposes. Trademarks, logos and acronyms posted on this website may be registered or unregistered trademarks of CFVH or third parties. They may not be used without prior written permission from CFVH or their corporate owners. All rights regarding literature and graphic and multimedia material found on the CFVH website, including illustrations, photographs, drawings and tables as well as videos, webinars, podcasts and apps, are protected by the intellectual property laws in force in Canada and belong to CFVH or to the owner of the relevant copyright.

It is prohibited to use, reproduce or print these elements in whole or in part, without obtaining previous written consent from the owner of the relevant copyright.


Terms of reference for donations or bequests

A donation is an act by which a person, the donor, gives ownership of an asset to another person, the recipient. CFVH does not sell advertising space on its website. It pays for website updates and management from personal and corporate donations, and bequests from its donors. The objective of CFVH’s privacy policy is to promote responsible and transparent practices for the management of personal information, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Damages to a third party or parties

It is prohibited to post on the CFVH website any information or text which is not authorized by CFVH that might also harm others or a group. It is prohibited to post texts or statements containing defamatory, discriminatory or obscene material which may lead to ridicule or hatred intentionally or accidentally; such actions may lead to legal proceedings.


Applicable Canadian laws

The CFVH website Terms and Conditions of Access and Use are governed by the applicable Canadian laws as well as those of the various provinces where there are CFVH chapters. International users of this website are responsible for complying with national and provincial legislation, to the extent that it applies, or asking the operator for advice.

You agree to be bound by these laws and to submit to the jurisdiction of federal or provincial courts with respect to the interpretation or application of the Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of the CFVH website.


Updating the website and Users’ contact information

The Terms and Conditions of Access and Use are dynamic and subject to certain changes at any time, sometimes without notice. The website operator’s objective is to use the most up-to-date versions compatible with the largest possible number of computers, based on Users’ technological profiles. CFVH shall strive to mention updates of website content.

If you wish to change the personal information that we have about you or remove your name from our mailing lists at any time, please notify us in writing at the following email address: info@FCSV-CFVH.org


Latest update: 13/02/2018