The Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health (CFVH) was founded as a charitable organization in the fall of 2017. It calls on Canadians to control their vascular health risk factors. It is also focuses on vascular disease patients and their families, helping them lead healthy lives by continuing to look for improvements or even a cure for their health conditions.

It is a community of active members who are involved in their own health prevention, undergoing rehabilitation or seeking to maintain their quality of life in the face of disease by doing everything possible. Healthcare professionals offering first-line services and doctors involved with vascular health are also invited to become active members.

A great many volunteers administer and manage working committees in support of CFVH’s goals. A small management team coordinates and manages deadlines for each file.

For the coming year, CFVH is committed to offering a website and related mobile tools for promoting vascular health PREVENTION and REHABILITATION. Having targeted peripheral arterial disease (PAD) to concentrate its efforts on one particular disease, it is currently developing a vascular rehabilitation Guide and Program in for PAD.

Thanks to CFVH’s invaluable financial partners, these projects will take shape in the coming months. CFVH, its members and its collaborators recognize that they are contributing to alleviating the costs borne by our publicly funded healthcare system. Their contribution extends to improving the Canadian economy, which will benefit from increased productivity from healthier workers.

The Foundation has adopted an innovative operational model offering a unique experience to everybody wishing to contribute to its accomplishments!