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Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires

A mobile reminder application

Today, your pharmacist can be with you wherever you go, thanks to this new, intelligent mobile app. Alerts to remind you to take your medication, monitoring of your loved ones’ treatments, contraindications, renewals or maps showing the pharmacy closest to you: this tool includes many practical features to simplify your healthcare.


Diabète Québec

Insulin pumps



My Diabetes app is a FREE app with simple, everyday advice and tools to help you understand and monitor your diabetes.


Mon Brunet/McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique inc.

An application including several health reference books and the possibility to renew prescriptions.


Université de Montréal

What is an application?

A mobile application, or app, is a downloadable program, free or paid, adapted to mobile technologies (cell phone, tablet). The Université de Montréal offers information on the subject at: (in French)


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Several keywords to find answers to your questions


EPIC Center and the Montreal Heart Institute

These institutions are committed to using their expertise to help people better understand the choices they make on a daily basis. The opinions shared by each of our bloggers have resulted from years of study and practice.


Yvan Campbell, Kinesiologist

Exercise and pain blog (in French)

Specialized guides

Diabetes Quebec

The “Travel Guide” application will simplify your travel arrangements, providing reminders for everything you need to control your diabetes. It will serve as a practical tool at your destination so you can fully enjoy your trip.


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Changer, ce n’est pas toujours facile… Mais ça peut l’être (Change is Not Always Easy… But it Can Be)! This 30-page e-book contains 100 ideas so simple that you can implement today. (in French)


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Set goals to reduce your risk, and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery

CHOOSING WISELY! Five things physicians and patients should question when it comes to vascular surgery.

Patient videos

Biron Group

Dr. Raymond Lepage, PhD Clinical Biochemist and Scientific Director, presents the risks associated with certain cardiovascular diseases.


University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Videos on risk factors for heart disease


Thrombosis Canada