DON as in DONation

Donate financially for others and for oneself. We all have a charitable spirit and all have a role to play in preventing vascular disease. The issue of healthy veins and arteries affects us all because they are vital vessels that feed our organs and help keep them healthy.

Opt to fund the Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health, which is developing a cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation guide and program to help control peripheral arterial disease, in other words, a guide on keeping our veins and arteries healthy.  This guide will highlight risk factors and effective methods for improving patient health.

Need for building relationships with partners and groups like the Foundation who are committed to managing risk factors and the vascular health of patients. Together we are stronger and with your donations, we can put into place integrated actions to prevent vascular disease and contribute to the vascular health of Canadians.

Donation with a credit card

Donation with a credit card

Make a donation now by credit card using our secure online donation form!

Our online donation form allows you to contribute easily and simply and it helps the Canadian Vascular Health Foundation to achieve their goals.


Donation by cheque

Donation by cheque

Make your donation by sending a cheque and send the paper form by mail.

Your donation will help the Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health achieve its goals.

The CFVH, a philanthropic society, has the mission to offer by 2023 to 3 million Canadian patients who are likely to develop or have peripheral arterial disease a cardiovascular rehabilitation program distributed in the regions and major centers by health professionals.

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