In support of our mission, CFVH will be collaborating with various Quebec and Canadian research centres as a result of research by a CFVH bursary recipient. CFVH is offering to help these centres collect relevant clinical data and share the tangible results of rehabilitation. The results will inform CFVH’s annual update of its preventive, therapeutic and technological program for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and other diseases, which in turn will benefit patients.


This broad-application Canadian initiative will also help decision-makers develop their vascular health policies. Canada’s healthcare system managers will be able to apply the results to improving Canadians’ physiological well-being and reducing health-related inequalities.


By continuously improving CFVH’s vascular rehabilitation program, the researcher(s) will contribute, through their statistics and valuable advice, to partially reducing the costs of Canada’s healthcare budget in in the three main categories of expenditure: hospitals (29.5%), drugs (16.0%) and doctors’ services (15.3%), which in 2014 still represented the largest proportion of healthcare expenditures (more than 60% of total expenditures)*. Total healthcare expenditures for 2016 in Canada were forecast at $228.1 billion or $6,299 per capita*.

* Canadian Institute for Health Information