The Canadian Foundation for Vascular Health (CFVH) has established itself as a MISSION to raise awareness among at-risk populations and health professionals about prevention, treatment and issues related to PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE (PAD). The goal is to enable the 3 million Canadians aged 50 to 79 years* with PAD, or having a propensity to develop the disease, to benefit from the program offered in all offices of physicians, rehabilitation institutes and fitness centers, by 2025. Actions will focus mainly on Canadian regions outside major university centers, which represent approximately 40% of the targeted population.

* Source: Statistics Canada, 2015


  1. Promoting health by developing and giving health professionals and fitness specialists access to a vascular rehabilitation program and a protocol of care to better prevent or control peripheral arterial disease, and by providing the general population with information and advice that would have a favourable impact on vascular health.
  2. Conducting research on the prevention and therapeutic treatment of vascular diseases, including peripheral arterial disease, and publicize the results of this research.
  3. Promoting vascular health education by providing health professionals and fitness specialists with training sessions and by presenting lectures at conferences and symposia.